Laura Vogel

Laura Vogel
Disappeared from Ha'iku, Maui 2/21/10

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Working Together to Find Laura

The love and support for Laura pouring in from friends and strangers alike continues to give the family strength as they press forward with the search.

Search efforts continue by land and sea. Six to eight highly qualified divers and a boat are ready to go out on Friday, weather permitting. Rotating land search crews are still combing the area where Laura disappeared. Other plans include bringing search dogs back to cover additional territory.

Word is spreading far and wide about Laura's case. This blog has been read by over 4000 people around the world, and fans of the Find Laura Vogel Facebook Page number over 3500. Testimonials about Laura's gifts as a science teacher, environmentalist, athlete, and beloved friend cover the virtual wall. New Mexican residents have been contacting Governor Richardson's office to raise awareness of Laura's disappearance and enlist help from the governor's office in finding her. A variety of organizations have become engaged in helping with the search.

The family is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading them to find Laura Vogel. If you have any knowledge of where she might be, please call the Maui Police at 808-244-6400 (Case #10-14126) or the private tip line at 1-888-524-0218 or e-mail

Donations to the Find Laura Vogel Fund continue to to help the Vogel family finance efforts to find her. To contribute, please click the yellow Donate button in the right hand sidebar.

Enormous thanks to everyone who has played a part in helping to find Laura!

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  1. Good thinking to offer a reward. I just have to believe somebody knows something, and maybe the lure of a reward will bring them forward.