Laura Vogel

Laura Vogel
Disappeared from Ha'iku, Maui 2/21/10

About Laura Vogel

Laura Vogel has been missing since Sunday, February 21, 2010 from the Pauwela Lighthouse area of Maui's North Shore. Laura was last known to be camping for the night in the area. She is approximately 5'8" and 140 lbs. with blond hair and blue eyes. A science teacher with a master's degree in wildlife biology, Laura is an experienced backcountry backpacker and an avid surfer in excellent health and physical condition. Laura's love of nature and passion for life have inspired many who have known her throughout her life.

Laura's last communication was a text message Sunday evening indicating that she was "camped down the way from birthing pools and meeting all the locals." She did not return texts after that time. Her friend texted back immediately but did not get a response, which was unusual for Laura. Laura's van was found on Monday near a homeless camp by friends who went looking for her when she did not show up for a tutoring job. The driver's side door was unlocked, the key was in the ignition, but Laura was nowhere to be found. The investigation into Laura's disappearance is ongoing.

The family is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading them to find Laura Vogel. If you have any information that might lead to discovering what has happened to Laura, please e-mail or call the Maui Police at 808-244-6400 (Case #10-14126) or the private tip line at 1-888-524-0218

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If you are in Maui (or know someone who is), you can help by downloading, printing, and circulating this Laura Vogel MISSING poster/flyer.  

Finally, everyone can help by spreading the word about Laura's disappearance through sharing the link to this Find Laura Vogel blog and becoming a fan of the Find Laura Vogel Facebook page.  Increasing awareness that Laura is missing can increase chances of finding out what has happened to her.

Many thanks!