Laura Vogel

Laura Vogel
Disappeared from Ha'iku, Maui 2/21/10

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Celebrating Earth Day in Laura's Honor

Today, the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, is a great day for acts of environmental stewardship in Laura's honor. It's also a great day to join the Laura's Legacy group at Kanu Hawaii, where you can join others in making commitments in Laura's honor to daily actions that protect the environment, such as recycling, taking reusable bags to the grocery store, or drinking from reusable water bottles. The more people who register their commitments with the simple click of a mouse, the better we can track Laura's positive impact on our beloved planet.

Recent media coverage of Laura's disappearance includes an interview with Laura's mother on Albuquerque's KQRE and an interview with Laura's brother Tim on the Ron and Don Show on Seattle's 97.3 KIRO FM Radio. The segment about Laura runs from about 5 1/2 minutes to about 18 1/2 minutes into the show.

The investigation into Laura's disappearance continues on multiple fronts. Search dogs have been engaged again, volunteers continue to do ground searches, and the police are still pursuing leads.

A racquetball tournament was held on Saturday, April 17th in Las Cruces, NM at Tom Young's Fitness Center and Racquetball Club and raised over $500 for the Find Laura Vogel fund. Thanks to everyone who participated and contributed!


  1. Dear God...please find Laura and send her back to her family.

  2. 2ceca1

    None of the suspects that I have posted on the Laura Vogel investigation
    have come forward to defend themselves or deny any involvement
    This link Laura Vogel's disappearance investigation WITH PAUWELA LIGHTHOUSE
    you to the investigation on in the missing person's forum. None of the suspects have
    come foreward to deny their involvement or defend themselves. Because their
    pictures have been posted even on the Mana Foods bullitin board in Paia it
    is impossible that they don't know that they are listed as suspects online.
    Nathan Kaipo Spencer has a long record of being let off by Maui 2'nd circuit
    court and the police have not even arrested him for the murder of James
    Foster and assaulting Lawrence Foster James's wife.